Tripped Out Royals

We all know what it’s like to slave away at something for hours only to have people be like, oh yeah that’s nice. Inside you’re like that took fucking hours you cunt. That’s what I felt when I looked at Christopher Kane’s Spring 2011 show.
The inspiration was Princess Margaret in her youth on acid or a royal on crack. This appeared to be the inspiration for 80% of the collection and the other 20% went to tattooed yakuza wives.

There were skirts and jackets in laser-cut leather and they just didn’t quite impress even though they should have. Not only did they not sit well but they looked reminiscent of those plastic tablecloths you buy off the roll at Spotlight.* You’ve got this jacket and it’s like ooh, intricate, delicate leather but no, sorry, tablecloth jacket. From 2002.
Things improved though when Kane sent out trippy neon lace dresses with beautiful knife pleat details.
The pleating appeared heavily throughout the show and it looked flawless particularly on the dresses and a neon yellow blouse.
The biggest problem I have with this collection is I feel like Kane started off with an idea that wasn’t thoroughly expanded upon. I also don’t feel that enough of the clothes screamed buy me and they should have. A neon twin-set should leap out and smack you square in the face but it didn’t. Why is that?**
These clothes needed bags too. Everything was so lady-like that the overall look felt bare and unfinished. A batshit crazy nana handbag would’ve been perfect but Christopher Kane the brand (and the designer too) is young and leather goods are a few years off. Hopefully not too far though. Perhaps a little help from Kane’s fairy godmother Donatella Versace will get the accessories ball rolling.

Ps, I totes would’ve taken Princess Anne over Margaret ANY. DAY.

*Turns out the leather was vinyl coated to make it pleather-esque. Isn't he wicked?
**Because I’m an overcritical wankface. But I fucking love Christopher Kane. Spring 2009? It was pretty very.

pps, another reference in the collection was Cyberdog, hence the neons.


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