Like a rhinestone drawstring bag

What an absolutely stunning dress.

Tomas Maier is taking BV in a more edgy direction. It's not as provincial looking as it used to be.

Look at these fucking pants! Don't even try and tell me you're not finger-banging yourself right now

This will get the Wintour seal of approval. She wears a dickload of BV.

Bottega Veneta was relaxed and effortless. Everything was just so, I could do that when in reality the night class sewing course you took won’t get you further than making a drawstring bag with hot-glued rhinestones. Shockingly I’m not talking from personal experience but it’s no stretch of the imagination right?
I actually did do a night class sewing course prior to fashion school. It was once a week and duh I was the only guy. We all had to make a skirt from some fucking Butterick pattern or whatever.
It's business casual bitches

I sat next to a girl who I'm pretty sure was a Puerto Rican maid. She quit after a few weeks. She thought her fabric choice was ugly. She chose a dusty pink crepey fabric which was kinda nice compared to my red cotton drill for $2.99 a metre.
Anyway, I made this ugly super short skirt and on the last day one of the other students half jokingly/half seriously asked me if I was making it for myself. I held the skirt up to her and said "this wouldn't even fit me". It didn't really answer her question.

You know what this bag needs?


wateva said...

99% sure I did that fucking course. your blog is so good, keep going please.

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