As The Walls Are Closing In And The Colours Fade To Black

ABOVE: PRADA. ps, this is the first and only time I'll apologise for my fucking horrible photoshop skills. Totes sozzz
Thought I'd be a giant dyke and quote some Sarah Mclachlan. If memory serves me right the song Black appears on the X-Files soundtrack. Weirdly I bought the CD yet never saw the film or watched the TV series that much either. I was probably watching re-runs of Absolutely Fabulous and brushing the hair of my treasure trolls. Aaaaaaaaanyway.

Something that surprised me was seeing black in a lot of spring collections because I don’t normally associate black with summer. It wasn’t something that was a major story to the collections but it warrants a mention. But then again, maybe it's like when you buy a red car all you see is red cars when you drive. I felt like they’d snuck them in for the Lanphears and the lesbian art critics of the world.

For example if you’ve seen the Prada show and had to sum it up you might say bright, zesty colours and retina-melting embroidered monkeys! What was Miuccia smoking? But there was a section of somber black dresses worked in. Marni did it too. I think this was done to take the edge off some of the acerbic colours and wild stripes and to give the eye a breather. Missoni would’ve been smart to have done this too and broken up the eye-fuck of colour they sent down the runway.

Below is my summer mood board. Argh, shoulda put a mood ring in.


Special edition My Little Pony with platinum weave.
 David Agbodji. Call me bb gurl
Black Emanuelle movie poster. Italian blaxploitation at it's most raunchy. 
The black plague. Super-rare vintage disease from 1348.
Black Swan movie poster. Film about mentally unstable ballerina. I don't need to know anything else. I'm there.

And speaking of lesbian art critics....


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