Happy Birthday Arclight

Omahyra Mota is 26. Happy birthday hot stuff. 

Here's her scene in X-Men The Last Stand as Arclight in super slo-mo. It's tres epic non?

I'll Get That Bitch Some Sequins. Bitches Love Sequins

I'm not sure that I can accurately express my love for this clip

And the epic remix

If there's one thing in life that gay men can't resist it's sequins. Fucking tons of them. So here's some inspiration  for when lurex isn't enough.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP- Uber casual rainbow ruffled gown with-wait for it-1000's of individual sequins patiently hand sewn onto this breath-taking master piece. This is something I could totally just throw on for a lazy Sunday barbecue. You can get one too from here

Sophie Hulme sequined hat/jacket. I would go hunting in this. Or become a sniper. Check out more here.

Johnny Weir. His favourite colour is passion.

Ugg Boots. If they're good enough for Giovanna Battaglia.

Sequin jester hat. Imagine that crawling through your window at night. I'd be like did you bring rubbers?

Her Royal Highness Is Back

Tom Ford is back but did he ever really go away? Within one year of parting ways with the Gucci Group, Ford had already inked a cosmetics deal with Estee Lauder and an eyewear license with Marcolin Group. Less than a year after that Ford announced he would be producing menswear and opening a flagship store on Madison Avenue. Then there was fragrance, the film and now here we are with the ultimate: womenswear. Ford hasn’t strayed from the limelight and has said he “missed having that voice in popular culture”.
Ford showed his first womenswear collection at the Madison Avenue flagship to a select group of journalists and no photographers were allowed in except for Terry Richardson.
The first images from the collection appeared two months later. This was done because Ford feels the public see the collections too soon and by the time they hit the stores they’re over it. He said "I don't think it ultimately serves the customer, which is the whole point of my business-not to serve journalists or the fashion system.” Lol, that’s such a lie. By cutting out the blogs, the tweets, the tumblrs, Ford won over the invited journalists. Not because it was a knockout collection but because he made them feel special again. Cathy Horyn of The New York Times called it “extraordinary”. Suzy Menkes of IHT said it was a “heroic return to fashion”. Now, I liked what I saw of the collection but extraordinary? Heroic? Okay.
It’s no secret that most journalists dislike bloggers and hate having to make room for them at fashion week. Tavi’s pink feather bow hat furore sums up the general attitude towards new media.

As for the clothes it looks exactly like he picked up where he left off way back in 2004. Flared trouser suits, big hair, disco glamour, unbuttoned shirts. Ford said it won’t be too trend-driven like Gucci which I think is nice you know. He can relax a little more with that type of direction and not feel like he has to wildly jump through a new set of hoops every six months. This could well serve to make the clothes more special and less throw away if they have longevity. So yeah, it was a nice collection. It was sexy, less sleazy, straight-forward, easy to understand clothes.

The only thing that kinda grates me is that apparently he prefers to be called Mr Ford. What is this, an episode of Mad Men? You’re not an old world couturier ripping sleeves off jackets because they don’t sit right. You’re from Texas. But that’s the image he’s creating, a throw-back to what fashion used to be like with salon-style presentations, ‘private blend’ fragrances (which totes sounds like a top shelf instant coffee from the supermarket) and the illusion of exclusivity. All of which he’s remarkably adept at doing.

It will be interesting to see how he fits back in with the fashion industry. I feel like Marc Jacobs stepped in as his equally talented but much less hot replacement as the tippy-top American designer fashion darling.

Greed For H&M


As The Walls Are Closing In And The Colours Fade To Black

ABOVE: PRADA. ps, this is the first and only time I'll apologise for my fucking horrible photoshop skills. Totes sozzz
Thought I'd be a giant dyke and quote some Sarah Mclachlan. If memory serves me right the song Black appears on the X-Files soundtrack. Weirdly I bought the CD yet never saw the film or watched the TV series that much either. I was probably watching re-runs of Absolutely Fabulous and brushing the hair of my treasure trolls. Aaaaaaaaanyway.

Something that surprised me was seeing black in a lot of spring collections because I don’t normally associate black with summer. It wasn’t something that was a major story to the collections but it warrants a mention. But then again, maybe it's like when you buy a red car all you see is red cars when you drive. I felt like they’d snuck them in for the Lanphears and the lesbian art critics of the world.

For example if you’ve seen the Prada show and had to sum it up you might say bright, zesty colours and retina-melting embroidered monkeys! What was Miuccia smoking? But there was a section of somber black dresses worked in. Marni did it too. I think this was done to take the edge off some of the acerbic colours and wild stripes and to give the eye a breather. Missoni would’ve been smart to have done this too and broken up the eye-fuck of colour they sent down the runway.

Below is my summer mood board. Argh, shoulda put a mood ring in.


Special edition My Little Pony with platinum weave.
 David Agbodji. Call me bb gurl
Black Emanuelle movie poster. Italian blaxploitation at it's most raunchy. 
The black plague. Super-rare vintage disease from 1348.
Black Swan movie poster. Film about mentally unstable ballerina. I don't need to know anything else. I'm there.

And speaking of lesbian art critics....

Like a rhinestone drawstring bag

What an absolutely stunning dress.

Tomas Maier is taking BV in a more edgy direction. It's not as provincial looking as it used to be.

Look at these fucking pants! Don't even try and tell me you're not finger-banging yourself right now

This will get the Wintour seal of approval. She wears a dickload of BV.

Bottega Veneta was relaxed and effortless. Everything was just so, I could do that when in reality the night class sewing course you took won’t get you further than making a drawstring bag with hot-glued rhinestones. Shockingly I’m not talking from personal experience but it’s no stretch of the imagination right?
I actually did do a night class sewing course prior to fashion school. It was once a week and duh I was the only guy. We all had to make a skirt from some fucking Butterick pattern or whatever.
It's business casual bitches

I sat next to a girl who I'm pretty sure was a Puerto Rican maid. She quit after a few weeks. She thought her fabric choice was ugly. She chose a dusty pink crepey fabric which was kinda nice compared to my red cotton drill for $2.99 a metre.
Anyway, I made this ugly super short skirt and on the last day one of the other students half jokingly/half seriously asked me if I was making it for myself. I held the skirt up to her and said "this wouldn't even fit me". It didn't really answer her question.

You know what this bag needs?

A little 30 Rock should knock this collection back into shape

Punk initially appeared to be a main theme for Balenciaga mixed with traditional labour-intensive couture techniques.
It’s not obvious punk. There’s not a single stud or safety pin in sight but there is leather, grommets, houndstooth and romper stomper boots. What’s interesting is that you can pick out the punk references but the overall look is decidedly free of aggression. So it’s not really punk at all. I still don’t know what it is. The woman in this collection is strong but she’s romantic too. You just need to look for those traits.

Overall it fell a bit flat and well, a little boring. I know if I were to see these clothes in person I’d have an aneurysm because they’re so beautifully made and I love Nicolas Ghesquiere. He’s a fucking genius and a fashion legend. I would have one of these if I ever met him.

Followed by this 

The red and black plasticky houndstooth gave me flashbacks of Prada’s horrid Fall 2010 bags which is purely coincidental but nonetheless unfortunate. The shoes were designed by long-time collaborator Pierre Hardy. They were all flat Doc Marten inspired boots which were nice but I die for his heels. The collection also-unfairly in my opinion- drew comparison to Comme Des Garcons. Unfair because some people wrote it off instantly as homage but I think these conclusions were lazy and inevitable. If he’d done skulls would he have been ripping off McQueen? But perhaps the derision was earned. Ghesquiere has been known on more than one occasion to steal from other designers work.

Fucking hideous

The highlights of the show were the jackets and the shirts. The vivid blue reptile skin jackets (what the hell was that?) are going to be bestsellers. They were new yet still had a recognizable Ghesquiere silhouette with that raised shoulder. The shirts had elongated tails in the front. Ghesquiere managed to make something as informal as an untucked shirt look chic and smart. The fabrics were baffling. Were the black dots printed? Applique? The lace. Was it hand painted or done by machine? Though the collection had some bright moments, Ghesquiere got too carried away and geeked out on fabric technology. If clothes make you feel something then does it matter if it was printed, painted or machine made?

Marni Spring Summer 2011

The predominant theme of the show was scuba so there were zips and wetsuit shapes aplenty but there wasn't enough zing to it all.

I like that Consuelo Castiglioni takes a trend or an idea and makes it her own. It’s unmistakable Marni and it doesn’t matter that she’s off-trend (scuba, are you serious?) because Marni has some serious devotees and they don’t care about where hemlines are, they care about the squashy skirts, the boxy jackets and the Marni prints. So they got loads of that.
Standouts included the sequined dresses, the bags were quite strong and the colours were good too. I always love how Castiglioni layers colours.

Tripped Out Royals

We all know what it’s like to slave away at something for hours only to have people be like, oh yeah that’s nice. Inside you’re like that took fucking hours you cunt. That’s what I felt when I looked at Christopher Kane’s Spring 2011 show.
The inspiration was Princess Margaret in her youth on acid or a royal on crack. This appeared to be the inspiration for 80% of the collection and the other 20% went to tattooed yakuza wives.

There were skirts and jackets in laser-cut leather and they just didn’t quite impress even though they should have. Not only did they not sit well but they looked reminiscent of those plastic tablecloths you buy off the roll at Spotlight.* You’ve got this jacket and it’s like ooh, intricate, delicate leather but no, sorry, tablecloth jacket. From 2002.
Things improved though when Kane sent out trippy neon lace dresses with beautiful knife pleat details.
The pleating appeared heavily throughout the show and it looked flawless particularly on the dresses and a neon yellow blouse.
The biggest problem I have with this collection is I feel like Kane started off with an idea that wasn’t thoroughly expanded upon. I also don’t feel that enough of the clothes screamed buy me and they should have. A neon twin-set should leap out and smack you square in the face but it didn’t. Why is that?**
These clothes needed bags too. Everything was so lady-like that the overall look felt bare and unfinished. A batshit crazy nana handbag would’ve been perfect but Christopher Kane the brand (and the designer too) is young and leather goods are a few years off. Hopefully not too far though. Perhaps a little help from Kane’s fairy godmother Donatella Versace will get the accessories ball rolling.

Ps, I totes would’ve taken Princess Anne over Margaret ANY. DAY.

*Turns out the leather was vinyl coated to make it pleather-esque. Isn't he wicked?
**Because I’m an overcritical wankface. But I fucking love Christopher Kane. Spring 2009? It was pretty very.

pps, another reference in the collection was Cyberdog, hence the neons.