YSL? Chloe? They're Like Practically The Same Anyway

The Love, Chloe fragrance campaign apparently features a YSL belt which is a big no no. It's a Chloe campaign so everything should be by Chloe.

The stylist was Joe McKenna who's been styling since the 80's for The Face (oh sweet Jesus RIP) and every top brand and mag you can name so it's not like some young silly fashion ditz stylist got the job and royally eff'd up their career. He won't be sent to fashion purgatory styling for Millers.

If anything, this is an indication of how boring fashion is right now that this small misstep should become news. Will he be hiring Gloria Allred to defend him in court? Will he have to issue a sincere apology to all the fans he let down?

Seriously, it's a fucking belt and both Chloe and YSL get a dickload of free publicity so I tip my hat to Joe McKenna.

Oh and check out the ad directed by Roman Coppola. Hilarious.


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