Pleasant and Uninspiring at Chloe

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This is Hannah MacGibbon’s fifth collection for Chloe and I feel like with each collection she says less and less. It’s almost like she’s holding back and repressing the Chloe girl who I believe to be young, sexy and sometimes a bit cheeky. We saw this girl with Stella McCartney and with Phoebe Philo but I’m not seeing enough with MacGibbon.
I get that this is minimalism but the clothes look like they belong in a pre-collection and they’re so pared back that they don’t feel special. You also need to take into consideration that these clothes aren’t cheap either. A Chloe silk blouse can cost US/AU$800 and there’s nothing special about those price points.
Right now the Chloe girl is that girl at a party who intrigues you all night but once you finally have a chat you realise just how dull she is.
Ps, what is with those angry looking ballet flats? They look painful.


Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

it is very minimalist. i love the first dress though. am indifferent about the ballet flats. i guess it goes with the softness of the clothes. ♥

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