Jil Sander: What In Art Therapy Hell Is This?!

You know how lots of designers are all I just love putting opposites together you know? Like blah I’m so conceptual, hard and soft, light and heavy. Well, Raf Simons actually pulled it off. which I find weird because it was obvious that that’s what he was getting at but it wasn’t a big deal. In this case it was high versus low fashion. Rich versus poor. If you had told me this without showing me the collection I would’ve rolled my eyes in the manner of bitch please

There was casual-plain t-shirt and plastic shopping bag-and then there was formal- couture gown shapes and matronly leather handbags.
At first it looked high concept but bust that shit down and it’s totally wearable. T-shirts, crisp white boxy trousers, a chopped up cut n paste floral print, giant vertical and horizontal stripes.
The only thing I didn’t like was the weird ship signal flag vibes Pierre Cardin painting smock in yellow. What the fudge is that? Maybe it’s some weird psychological colour thing. Maybe I hate it because it’s worn by Hanne Gaby Odiele who has a Grimms fairytale sized forehead like me and it just reminds me of myself. (note: Just Googled Hanne to check spelling of name, decided to read Wikipedia profile and she was hit by a car in NY in 2006. She broke BOTH her legs! I feel bad now.*)

Overall this is one of the highlights of spring and made Milan a powerhouse this season. Go Milan. Go Raf. Go 10-head Hanne.

*No I don’t. I just found out she lives in Chinatown and drives a vintage 1970’s Mercedes Benz. TOTES JELLY

We're practically sisters


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