It Takes Deux Baby

This was classic Comme. It was punk, deconstructed, reconstructed, abstract and loads of black and white. It felt quite 80’s too.

Some of the opening looks were white double-breasted coats that sprouted extra arms in what appeared to be black leather or perhaps rubber. There were also pieces of black fabric roughly stitched onto the fronts of some coats resembling a colour field.

I could be wrong (most probably am) but I felt like Rei Kawakubo was questioning female sexuality through quite traditional items of clothing like a bra, a waist defining belt, a full, pleated skirt. The bras were oversized, making them redundant as if to say why bother? I’m still a woman.
It also felt like a response and a dig to this seasons womanly, full-figured look by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada.

The duality theme I haven’t quite grasped. With the sprouting sleeves, the twin models, that I’m not sure of. If you have any thoughts then add a comment below so I can promptly shoot you down.


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