I Am The Celine Woman (true story)

Vogue Gallery
Weird hotel lobby carpet printed outfit where have you been all my life?!
Vogue Gallery
This looks inspired by Karategi (Karate uniform)
Vogue Gallery
Love this top in Japanese denim
Vogue Gallery
There's something ill-fitting about this look but it feels so right. Right?
Vogue Gallery
Raw edges on the tunic. What is the scarf attached to? Herp derp I just realised it's around her neck 
Vogue Gallery
Look at that subtle little tab on that...what the hell is that beigy flappy thing? I want one

Phoebe Philo described her inspiration as “the kind of woman that doesn’t care what she looks like when she’s dancing. “

That’s me! When I’m wasted at a bar I could give a fuck what anyone thinks of me when I’m dancing. Does this mean I’m the Celine woman? That’s fucking scary if I am.

For spring Philo continued with the same warm minimalism as she has been doing since starting out at Celine. There were boxy tunics with that wide cut sleeve I’ve been seeing on other runways such as Prada. There was an artisanal quality with the hand-woven fabrics and the Japanese denim which Philo described as quite unruly.
What I find most appealing about Celine is that the clothes are minimalist but still have a feminine quality to them. This is something completely lacking at Calvin Klein and to a certain extent Jil Sander. At Klein and Sander you still see beautiful clothes but they’re less accessible and often very cold.
You know, a lot of designers talk about their ideal woman as strong, independant, blah blah. They all say the same crap (have you heard John Galliano talk about the Dior woman? Jesus Christ!) but I think everything rings true with Celine. There’s no doubt in the pieces and you just want to grab them off the rack, put them on and forget about them because you look so chic.


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