Death Star Demeulemeester

Irl a scary lesbian art critic would wear these clothes but in my own world I get to wear them and look awesome.

Not a clue what the inspiration was but it didn’t matter. Why? Did you see those boots? Those boooooots mindsploded me the second I saw them. Sweet almond toed delicious deliciousness.

My mind as a house sploding. Pretty fuckin deep right?

At times the tops got too busy with piping, top-stitching and fastenings flailing about but they balanced out with the raggedy leather side-mullet dresses. Yes you read right. SIDE. MULLET.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I’ve covered the mullet dress before but a sidey? EPIC. This shouldn’t work. Only on distant planets, far, far away should this work. If Darth Vader was a woman with exceptional taste in clothes she’d wear this.


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