Z-Spoke By Zac Posen

Zac Posen debuted his lower priced line Z-spoke. Half the price and twice the ugly. That’s harsh I know but the collection is dreadful.

He has now decided to show his main line in Paris because apparently Europeans ‘get’ his sensibility but I really don’t believe this will help.

Yes, he may carve a niche in Europe as the American in Paris but ughhh his clothes!!!! You know what it is? He’s not cool. When he first started out he got so much buzz because he was incredibly young-only 21-and he was doing highly sophisticated dresses. I feel like he’s run out of steam because he’s just not creating desirable clothes. They’re not cool or distinguishable from what’s already out there in a million stores.

To a point I agree that his work is better suited to the European market but he needs to work on what he’s designing instead of attributing a loss of business to Americans not liking or understanding what he creates. An ungly dress is an ugly dress in any market.

Take a look…


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