Spring Fever

It’s finally Spring!!! The magnolia trees along Gertrude Street are in bloom and they look great. It’s a lovely reminder that things are going to warm up even though you can’t quite feel it yet. I’ve not been out to any stores to see what’s on offer for summer. I have a feeling there will be plenty of tailored super short shorts for both men and women which unfortunately do absolutely no favours for my shockingly pale and chunky thighs. I really just want to do a loose cream pant with a rolled hem for summer. I’d love to make the effort and wear some shirts too. God, you know you’re a slob when it’s an effort to wear a shirt. I mean really Nigel?

My friend Nick and I decided to go op-shopping on Sunday. We went to Greensborough! For those of you that don’t live in Melbourne, Greensborough requires you take a train out of the city which is far in my snob opinion. We went to Savers (Value Village in the States and Canada) and it was awesome.

Strike a pose skinny bitch
I got two denimy/chambray shirts (count em’ two!) an anorak/parka which is beyond belief and some other junk that I just uh-door. The parka is so not Spring material but I’ve got a few weeks left before things really heat up so bring it sweet parka. I also got an 80’s bow tie in peach polyester. Delicious! It was five bucks which is a total rip but if it was at Shag you know it’d be like 20 or 30 bucks so it’s a deal. Notice how I have to justify my purchases? God it was five dollars, get a grip weirdo.

Above: Chloe Fall 2010 inspiration. Frankly I can barely tell the difference between my outfit and this Chloe look. 

I also got some cool stuff from the homeware section.

The birds match my bow tie! Now I just have to take them with me when I go to restaurants and bars. Or I could maybe somehow affix them to my head like a hat but I don’t own a staple gun.


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