When I first saw this collection I hurriedly wrote down some thoughts and was like I’ll expand upon this later and it didn’t fucking happen.
I’m sitting here trying to write something measured and precise but I’m failing and can’t think.
why is this so fucking amazebomb?!

So here’s what I wrote-

Prints everywhere (duh)

V motif

Repetition theme with layering.

I love how their work evolves, they’re not trend driven like so many American designers

Mid-riff and cut-outs. Most overtly sexual work I’ve seen from them, very much in line with Miuccia Prada’s take on sexy.

Does this mean we’ll be seeing Tavi’s midriff soon?

I don’t think I’m perceptive enough to pin-point their inspirations. I saw Mormans, rural life, working the land, but there was so much more than that. (they were inspired by California and the gold rush).

Final looks felt Poiret-esque, maybe she’s a girl who lives in a forest-or is that tooooo themey?

Gone are their ultra-delicate, draped, twisted, ruched, burnt silks and in place was a far stronger Rodarte girl.

ps, the interview I did with Stella McCartney Lingerie head designer Chloe Julian is up at In The Void. You should check it out


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