Red Is Difficult But Not For Natalie Portman

Is it just me or is red a really hard colour to pull off? I find anything red always brings out the blotchy redness of my skin and I look like a recovering burn victim. Natalie Portman pulls it off though and she looks so happy right? She’s in Venice for the premiere of Black Swan which I toooooootes want to see. Portman wore custom Rodarte and this isn’t the first time. She’s worn dresses by Rodarte several times now. She looks pretty but I love the bald sassy mo behind her giving MAJOR ‘bitch please’ eyes.

In the film she plays Nina, a ballerina! It’s all psychological horror and best of all an erotic thriller!!!!! There’s a sex scene with Mila Kunis which will no doubt be ridiculously funny. So far Portman is getting great reviews. I will post the trailer but I’m sure most of you have seen it already right?

A lot of the costumes in the film were done by design maestros Rodarte and they look beyond stunning. I love it when designers do costumes for film. There are so many that you just never find out about. One of my favourites is Jean Paul Gaultier for The Fifth Element. I watched part of it the other night and it’s soooooo gooooood. There’s this one woman who turns out to be an alien and she’s wearing a clear green pvc miniskirt with I think a fur jacket and boots and she has a shaved head. She then pulls out a machine gun and goes nuts. It’s awesome.

My other favourite would be Yves Saint Laurent for Belle De Jour.

Do you have any favourites or any that you'd recommend? And you can’t say Patricia Field for Sex and The City The Movie 1 & 2. Worst. Costumes. Ever.

Bitch please


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