Pringle Of Scotland

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Girlfriend looks like Pocahontas tried to give her a makeover before she got mauled by a bear.

And these shoes!!! What the actual fuck do you think you're doing? I'm getting a bad Project Runway furnished by Piperlime vibe. And check out the creepy pinky toe trying to make a hasty exit. That pinky is all I left Payless for this?

Vogue Gallery

Pringle are supposed to be known for their knits so it's like, stick with it and do the best fucking knits you can. Look at Missoni. They do knits and they milk it for all they've got and they're doing their best work in years. You don't see them pulling some monochromatic Topshop interpretation of Balenciaga. It's just so severe and off-trend.
It's good when you see a designer going in a completely different direction to their peers and winning people over but this is just so awfully misguided and lord love a duck we've been here before, people want to move forward not mooch about in 2001 wearing sports-mesh kilts. Are we going to do some ecstasy now? Can I play my Sonique CD?


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