Jason Wu Spring Summer 2011

This is the best collection I’ve seen from Jason Wu. Prior to this collection I’ve had very little interest in his work. Everything was always so precious and a lot of people were dubbing him the young Oscar De La Renta whom I also have no interest in.
But this collection was concise, elegant and it wasn’t terribly fussy even though it had a French streak running through it; or more what an American thinks is French. Like, hmm, French women wear polka dots and bows and lace, tra la la let’s eat bon bons and listen to Serge Gainsbourg. But it just looked sooooo good mixed with all-American khaki and stripes. It just worked brilliantly. The stripes!!! When I first saw them I had de ja vu. I was thinking Marc Jacobs Spring. What year? 07? 08? Turns out it was Louis Vuitton Spring 09 and it was quite different to what was on Wu’s runway but I find it interesting that something as simple as stripes can become such a memorable print. Black and white? Forgettable. Mustard and black? Seared to my skull! Also the shoes and bags are going to be on many a wish-list next summer.
This collection is amazing and sure, giant bow tops may not fly off the racks but for 15 minutes on that runway it was pure vision of what modern American sportswear can be.

This is the Louis Vuitton look from Spring 09 I was talking about. I still love this collection. The hair is just fucked. I love it. And the shoes too. Those Spicy sandals were sooooo widely copied.


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