Bryanboy. A Front Row Buffer?

Very interesting article in the New York Times by Eric Wilson. It’s called At Fashion Week, It’s Where You Sit That Counts. Read it, it’s very good. It’s about the nightmare of planning the seating arrangements at fashion shows. Where do you put Anna Wintour? What about Carine Roitfeld? Victoria Beckham!!!!

The article says that there are rules like always ensuring a proper distance of at least two seats between the competing editors of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. It goes on to say that a celebrity or writer could be positioned as a buffer between the rival factions.
How cruel is that! Being reduced to nothing more than a stylish partition board to keep editors from presumably scratching each others eyes out.

In some ways it’s like the reverse of highschool. The cool kids always sat at the back of the classroom and the losers sat at the front getting papier machéd in spitballs and heckled all day. I was a loser at highschool but I never sat at the front. I always tried to be 2nd or 3rd from the back.
At fashion week it’s supposedly the cool kids in the front and the losers at the back. I kinda think it would be fun to be in the back row at fashion shows. I imagine there’s a lot of camraderie between editors from obscure newspapers and online magazines bonding over their pecking order and gossiping over who’s who and what they’re wearing.


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