Tom Ford is Coming

I lol’d when I realised ‘Tom Ford is Coming’ is kind of dirty. The thought of Tom Ford coming grosses me out despite his dashing good looks. I just imagine him slathering his body in private blend patchouli oil and thinking it’s really hot.
Bizarre sexual fantasies aside, Tom Ford will be showing his first womenswear collection since, what, YSL Fall 2004? He will be showing at New York Fashion week on September 12 but there will be no runway show, just a trunk show at his Madison Ave store which is disappointing. I wonder if an understated show will mean understated clothes. Financially smart but still major sads.
So I did a bit of web foraging to see names of designers he's getting on board with and it's looking pretty amaze.

Michael Lewis is doing shoes.

Alessandra Facchinetti- I think she recently denied any involvement.

Ready to wear designer Caroline Tixier from Givenchy, and accessories designer Pablo Coppola from Alexander McQueen.
According to sources close to the designer, the collection is ultra luxury sexy and glamourous. No shit.

Below is a reminder of that ultra sexy and glamourous look he did so well...

Madonna. Like, what the actual fuck is up with the hair?

Sexy Gucci. God I used to love this shit. Those kitten heels are so coming back.


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