Magazine Drop

Unicef made their monthly magazine drop across Australia the other day. Hipsters, art freaks and those stylish old women with shorn grey hair who only wear black Japanese avant garde gathered in a field and brutally fought over this months September issues.

I managed to get British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Australia (ugh) and a new publication Industrie.

Yes, that's Anna Wintour on the front of Industrie!!! There's an article about how editors are the new cover stars of the fashion industry which is so true. I think that bloggers are the catalyst for it too. In a way we've got our own little slice of the publishing pie making our own content (or brazenly stealing it from others) and deciding what is fashionable. And I think because we so badly want to be in the fashion industry working for a big magazine that we idolise the editors, stylists, fashion directors etc and turned the camera away from the models and onto them.

Above: Lara Stone. When was the last time you saw breasts like that in a fashion magazine?

Above: Jamie Bochert shot by Hedi Slimane. Love this shoot from British Vogue.
Below: Great accessories shoot in British Vogue. Punchy, vivid shots. I love the purple gaffer tape on that big shiny leaf.

Harper's Bazaar Australia was pretty shit. It was just crammed with LV and Prada. Booooring.


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