Esteban Cortazar x Exito

Esteban Cortazar has linked up with Colombian retail giant Exito and designed a capsule collection.
Estaban was last designing for Emanuel Ungaro but left amid reports he was forced to team up with Lindsay Lohan who would ‘consult’ for the brand, whatever that means. Cortazar quit and Estrella Archs tag-teamed with Lohan and that’s how pasties were, like invented.
The collection looks great but is derivative of Alexander Wang (the sweats, the hoodies, the tanks), Proenza Schouler (the high-waisted skirts) and even a bit of Helmut Lang.
I know that A Wang didn’t pioneer the tank top and PS the high-waisted skirt but Wang in particular really ‘owns’ these looks wouldn’t you say?
I never liked what he did at Ungaro and this is such a great departure from that and much more reflective of his 26 years of age.

Btw, where did Hanne Gaby Odiele come by such a giant forehead? I feel like we’re related.


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