RIP Corinne Day

Produced some of the most iconic images of the 90's


You know how in my previous post I said I really wanted a watch? Yeah I bought shoes. Boots actually. I ordered them from which is where I buy a lot of stuff. I also bought a bag that I'm a bit dubious about so I won't post any images yet coz then you'll all be like, what a fucking tasteless loser stop trying to make your blog happen. It's not going to happen.

Speaking of hideous bags...

How much do you fucking love Jennifer Coolidge?


Not want. Need. I need one of these fuckers. How amazery are they? They're by Uniform Wares and cost 100 pounds. That's like, cheaper than a Baby G.

Strike List

Fashion week is fast approaching. It’s the calm before the storm. I'm no trend forecaster but I'm already thinking about what might appear on the catwalk. Countless designers will be playing catch up with Phoebe Philo’s new minimalism and I'm kinda dreading it because it’s like, you’re wasting your time. She got in first. Let it go and find something new. I’m predicting some collections will have at least one item in camel and a pared down handbag.
There will definitely be less bling too. There better be because I’m making a strike list. My strike list will be for designers who show crap and need to be called out for it.

My strike list so far consists of the following fashion no no’s…
Studs- It’s sooooo over. Everything imaginable has been studded for the past few seasons and it’s buh-boring.

Exposed zippers: The only designers exempt from this are Japanese avant garde weirdos like CDG etc and Alber Elbaz at Lanvin coz that’s their thing. Anyone else? Strike bitch!!!

Gaga: This is for anyone that designs anything with Lady Gaga in mind in the hope that she’ll wear it. It’s like, hey I’ll design a studded biker jacket and pair it with a lycra bodysuit. Oh what? Lady Gaga wants to borrow my clothes? Why sure! That’s another strike bitch or if this was an episode of 30 Rock, S to the D shut it down dealbreaker.

Plus size attention seekers: Get attention for doing a great collection not because it was worn by plus size models.

I will add to this list as I see fit, being completely irrational and totally biased.

Magazine Drop

Unicef made their monthly magazine drop across Australia the other day. Hipsters, art freaks and those stylish old women with shorn grey hair who only wear black Japanese avant garde gathered in a field and brutally fought over this months September issues.

I managed to get British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar Australia (ugh) and a new publication Industrie.

Yes, that's Anna Wintour on the front of Industrie!!! There's an article about how editors are the new cover stars of the fashion industry which is so true. I think that bloggers are the catalyst for it too. In a way we've got our own little slice of the publishing pie making our own content (or brazenly stealing it from others) and deciding what is fashionable. And I think because we so badly want to be in the fashion industry working for a big magazine that we idolise the editors, stylists, fashion directors etc and turned the camera away from the models and onto them.

Above: Lara Stone. When was the last time you saw breasts like that in a fashion magazine?

Above: Jamie Bochert shot by Hedi Slimane. Love this shoot from British Vogue.
Below: Great accessories shoot in British Vogue. Punchy, vivid shots. I love the purple gaffer tape on that big shiny leaf.

Harper's Bazaar Australia was pretty shit. It was just crammed with LV and Prada. Booooring.

Tokyo Shopping

Here's some pics of the lovely Balenciaga wallet I bought when I was in Tokyo. It was my major splurge along with a YSL coin purse.

It's in navy and has these cool inserts with top-stitching. I love it and it loves me.
And here's some of the cutesy junk I just couldn't stop buying. It was just weird crap you can't get in Australia like a waffle keychain.

Cigarette De Jour

I love Catherine Deneuve. After she finished her cigarette I imagine she grabbed that woman by the hair and stubbed it out in her eye screaming in French something that would roughly translate to "peasant you're standing too fucking close to me".
So here's Ms Deneuve attending the opening of yet another Louis Vuitton store. This one opened in Beirut. I think there are now more LV stores in the world than McDonalds.
Poor thing. She's all 'where's my fucking cheque?'

Tom Ford is Coming

I lol’d when I realised ‘Tom Ford is Coming’ is kind of dirty. The thought of Tom Ford coming grosses me out despite his dashing good looks. I just imagine him slathering his body in private blend patchouli oil and thinking it’s really hot.
Bizarre sexual fantasies aside, Tom Ford will be showing his first womenswear collection since, what, YSL Fall 2004? He will be showing at New York Fashion week on September 12 but there will be no runway show, just a trunk show at his Madison Ave store which is disappointing. I wonder if an understated show will mean understated clothes. Financially smart but still major sads.
So I did a bit of web foraging to see names of designers he's getting on board with and it's looking pretty amaze.

Michael Lewis is doing shoes.

Alessandra Facchinetti- I think she recently denied any involvement.

Ready to wear designer Caroline Tixier from Givenchy, and accessories designer Pablo Coppola from Alexander McQueen.
According to sources close to the designer, the collection is ultra luxury sexy and glamourous. No shit.

Below is a reminder of that ultra sexy and glamourous look he did so well...

Madonna. Like, what the actual fuck is up with the hair?

Sexy Gucci. God I used to love this shit. Those kitten heels are so coming back.

Even In Court She Looks Fabulous

Diamonds? What Diamonds?

Super Yawn

Australian Harpers Bazaar have played it ever so safe for September and banked on Elle MacPherson in Louis Vuitton. Win-win I s'pose.

Roll On September

The September issues are rolling in. Lady Gaga channels Kristen Mcmenamy for British Vanity Fair (I think) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes rockabilly for Love.

Esteban Cortazar x Exito

Esteban Cortazar has linked up with Colombian retail giant Exito and designed a capsule collection.
Estaban was last designing for Emanuel Ungaro but left amid reports he was forced to team up with Lindsay Lohan who would ‘consult’ for the brand, whatever that means. Cortazar quit and Estrella Archs tag-teamed with Lohan and that’s how pasties were, like invented.
The collection looks great but is derivative of Alexander Wang (the sweats, the hoodies, the tanks), Proenza Schouler (the high-waisted skirts) and even a bit of Helmut Lang.
I know that A Wang didn’t pioneer the tank top and PS the high-waisted skirt but Wang in particular really ‘owns’ these looks wouldn’t you say?
I never liked what he did at Ungaro and this is such a great departure from that and much more reflective of his 26 years of age.

Btw, where did Hanne Gaby Odiele come by such a giant forehead? I feel like we’re related.