Above top right: My old bag which is dead now.

I really need a new bag. And soon. My Raf Simons/Eastpak is a mere shadow of it's former self. People no longer coo over the sight of it anymore. People kinda turn their nose up at it and people who remember what it used to look like back in it's glory days sign and give me that look that says 'you just don't look after your things do you?'
But my Raf has served me well, especially when getting groceries from the supermarket. Srsly, this bitch is big, like, it could maybe hold 3 bags of groceries, that's like the equivalent of five dead newborn babies. Amaze right?

The new bag I want is a black satchel from Cambridge Satchel Company. They're like $100-$120 delivery included. They're from England too. Hurrah.
Oh and I want a new watch too. The Nixon timeteller (which is exactly the same watch I have now only it's white instead of blue. I got a cool Riki Watanabe watch when I was in Tokyo but my friend's loser cat chewed it up. FML


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