She Said What?

"That was so real that I cannot even tell you how real that actually was."-Yet another verbal jewel in the crown that is Rachel Zoe's vocabulary.

Fuck Me In The Ass

Above: Givenchy Spring 2011

Above: Celine Spring 2011

Resort or Spring or whatever you wanna call em collections are flying in and the mood is different, the approach is more considered than ever before.

I've been finding these pre-collections quite interesting to observe over the past few years and seeing how designers and brands are coping with having to design 2 extra collections per year. For the most part a lot of designers are taking it on with gusto.
A few years ago resort was just that. Resort. It was marine inspired, light cotton clothes that you could stuff into an overnight bag before jetting off to St Tropez in a pair of blue and white espadrilles. Fast-forward a few years and it's like, who the fuck goes to St Tropez? Valentino?
So now we've got designers such as Stella McCartney referring to Resort as Spring. The angle has changed and so have the clothes. And for a good reason. The clothes that are coming out for Spring and Fall are equally as good, if not better in some cases than the main collections. I say this because a lot of the conceptual bullshit (which I dearly love) is cut out and what you're left with is a clear message and clothes that people want to wear.
Go to and take a look at Celine and Givenchy. The clothes are beautiful (Celine in particular) and none of them are beach appropriate. Yay.

The only concerns I'm hearing about Spring and Fall collections are that designers may suffer from burn-out and customers are being given too many trends and ideas, leaving the market over-saturated with clothes.

I think in a few years Spring and Fall will either collapse and burn or it'll be just like Summer Winter with a full runway schedule.

On a different ntoe, how badly is Phoebe Philo caning the industry right now? She's had 4 collections and she's already got an it-bag and it-bags are dead.

Gaga's Alejandro

I really don't know about this. Visually, stylistically, art-direction-wise etc it's flawless and you can't fault it. Without sounding too much like a paranoid weirdo I completely question Gaga's motivations for this video. I think she's pandering shamelessly to the gay community and it's like, why bother? A large proportion of her fans are gay guys anyway and they eat that high-fashion pop porn shit up (I should know).
And though the video is flawless the men look like they belong in a Madonna video 20 years ago. They're totally Steven Klein's (the directors) vision of what gay men like. Don't get me wrong, I'd let any one of those guys pound me but they're so 80's leather muscle daddy that it's cliche. Very dated cliche.

Also I find it funny that a lot of people are saying that's she's trying to be shocking and she's failing to. I really don't think she was trying to shock at all in this video. Eating rosary beads? Wearing a latex nun's habit? Men in high heels?

Fashion-wise a couple of outfits are Alexander McQueen. I wonder if they were designed by Sarah Burton, the new head designer?

Oh, my favourite part is at the end where the celluloid burns up on the image of her face. It's cool.
Anyway, that's just my half-assed 2 cents. Apologies for the lack of updates, I'm back from Japan and just found out we're being evicted from our flat so my biggest concern is finding a new dump to move into. Just quickly, Tokyo was beyond amazing. It's just....I don't know, there's so much to say about it. I actually did find the Prada building and went inside. The staff were curt but that was to be expected. The buidling was amazing, I think it was about 5 floors and there was a basement too. The menswear was hideous. The womenswear was cool. ok my eyes hurt, I have to go now. Toodles