It's The Thought That Counts Right?

I don't know what this guy got put away for but that is one hot mess of a prison tattoo.

ps, Tokyo is uh-may-zing. I've trotted around most of the big shopping areas and have only scratched the surface of all that this city has to offer. I saw these Kris Van Assche sneakers which I totes wanna get but I was too afraid to ask how much they cost or if they had them in my size. I'm actually being careful with my money because I plan to drop a small chunk at either Balenciaga or YSL. They're both in the Ginza district and I wanna save that for my last day. I don't wanna haemmorhage money too quickly and be forced to dumpster dive for the rest of the week.

Ta ta


Taryn said...

hahaha! epic tattoo fail. But I guess that thought really does count!

love the blog btw

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