Damn You Tokyo

Today was rather uneventful. I decided to go to Omotesando to check out the Prada store and YSL. I didn't bother to check Google maps before I left the hotel because I thought the Prada building would be easy to spot. Wrong, so wrong.
I exited the station and spied Issey Miyake directly across the street. I got excited and started walking towards the store, the shop assistant in requisite oversized drapery was casually sauntering around the store and looked out across the street at me. I freaked out and walked the other way.
That's the one thing I hate about designer stores: the mean looking staff. I know I shouldn't care, they work in a fucking shop but they're sooooo chic and attractive that I cower and scuttle to the nearest Gap.
So I walked down what appeared to be a main shopping street for about 1km. I saw Max Mara, the only stand-alone Chanel makeup store in the world (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that's right) and Longchamp which by god was being refurbished. Just a big billboard of Sasha Pivovarova staring vacantly at me.
So after about 1km it didn't look promising so I crossed the road and walked back the other way. That's when I ran into serious shopping territory but still no Prada store.
I went into Omotesando Hills shopping complex and there was YSL! I gingerly walked towards the entrance and the guy behind the counter glared at me, daring me to enter so I strode on by and just looked in the windows. Seriously, these shop hands have nothing better to do than people-gaze.
I walked on and there was a fucking Uggs store. Blargh. So I left and decided I needed food. It was a Sunday and all the restaurants were packed so I continued not going into stores.
Then I got lost, ended up in a forest near Harajuku then found myself outside a baseball stadium.
I was tired, hungry and my feet felt like bloodied stumps so I called it a day.
Back at the hotel I chilled out and felt like I had a fever. I had actually been out on Friday night till 5am at a bar. I got felt up by a Brazilian dwarf, was repeatedly accosted by a bald, stout British guy who wouldn't take no for an answer and danced with a very sweet Japanese guy till closing.
Tomorrow I'm going to Kappabashi Kitchen town to buy fake plastic food that they use in restaurant displays to lure customers. My friend wants a pork roast to use as a book-end.
But I will be going back to Omotesando and Ginza and I will be entering the stores coz this bitch needs to shop.

ps, sorry if that was a bit dear diary, next post will be more fashion, less waaaah!


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