Damn You Tokyo

Today was rather uneventful. I decided to go to Omotesando to check out the Prada store and YSL. I didn't bother to check Google maps before I left the hotel because I thought the Prada building would be easy to spot. Wrong, so wrong.
I exited the station and spied Issey Miyake directly across the street. I got excited and started walking towards the store, the shop assistant in requisite oversized drapery was casually sauntering around the store and looked out across the street at me. I freaked out and walked the other way.
That's the one thing I hate about designer stores: the mean looking staff. I know I shouldn't care, they work in a fucking shop but they're sooooo chic and attractive that I cower and scuttle to the nearest Gap.
So I walked down what appeared to be a main shopping street for about 1km. I saw Max Mara, the only stand-alone Chanel makeup store in the world (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that's right) and Longchamp which by god was being refurbished. Just a big billboard of Sasha Pivovarova staring vacantly at me.
So after about 1km it didn't look promising so I crossed the road and walked back the other way. That's when I ran into serious shopping territory but still no Prada store.
I went into Omotesando Hills shopping complex and there was YSL! I gingerly walked towards the entrance and the guy behind the counter glared at me, daring me to enter so I strode on by and just looked in the windows. Seriously, these shop hands have nothing better to do than people-gaze.
I walked on and there was a fucking Uggs store. Blargh. So I left and decided I needed food. It was a Sunday and all the restaurants were packed so I continued not going into stores.
Then I got lost, ended up in a forest near Harajuku then found myself outside a baseball stadium.
I was tired, hungry and my feet felt like bloodied stumps so I called it a day.
Back at the hotel I chilled out and felt like I had a fever. I had actually been out on Friday night till 5am at a bar. I got felt up by a Brazilian dwarf, was repeatedly accosted by a bald, stout British guy who wouldn't take no for an answer and danced with a very sweet Japanese guy till closing.
Tomorrow I'm going to Kappabashi Kitchen town to buy fake plastic food that they use in restaurant displays to lure customers. My friend wants a pork roast to use as a book-end.
But I will be going back to Omotesando and Ginza and I will be entering the stores coz this bitch needs to shop.

ps, sorry if that was a bit dear diary, next post will be more fashion, less waaaah!

It's The Thought That Counts Right?

I don't know what this guy got put away for but that is one hot mess of a prison tattoo.

ps, Tokyo is uh-may-zing. I've trotted around most of the big shopping areas and have only scratched the surface of all that this city has to offer. I saw these Kris Van Assche sneakers which I totes wanna get but I was too afraid to ask how much they cost or if they had them in my size. I'm actually being careful with my money because I plan to drop a small chunk at either Balenciaga or YSL. They're both in the Ginza district and I wanna save that for my last day. I don't wanna haemmorhage money too quickly and be forced to dumpster dive for the rest of the week.

Ta ta

Going To Tokyo

Above: Prada Shrine Tokyo. I mean store.

That's right. I've been stuffing cash in my mattress for the past few months much like a squirrel with a nut hoard.
It's just for a holiday, around 2 weeks. Though I won't have a mountain of cash to spend I'm still gonna go to as many designer stores as possible. I can't buy a Balenciaga dress/jacket/pant/shoe but I may get to touch one which is enough.
My itinerary isn't jam-packed, just 2 weeks of dotting about Tokyo. I'm going to see the Hussein Chalayan Exhibition which will probably give me a heart attack. Totes should've got health insurance.
So I'll take heaps of photos and hopefully get some decent articles done too.

Just quickly thought I'd throw in my 2 cents on this ID Magazine/Daria Werbowy/racist fashion spread.

After reading many other comments and articles crucifying ID I started to wonder just how truly upset people were. A lot of comments came off feeling like faux-indignation. I could be completely wrong but it just felt like the whole thing is being sensationalised. People are referring to the black models as 'blackcessories'. It's like, oh how funny and witty to throw blackcessory into an article about race, it really makes it snappy right?
It's word vomit.
So I've looked over the photos and tried to erase all the comentary I've read about the shoot and ask myself Is it racist?

I thought of a couple of other scenarios like what if all the models were black? Would it still be racist?
What if all the models were white and instead of Daria Werbowy it was Ajak Deng?
The shoot is clearly fantasy like a lot of fashion shoots these days (remember gritty 90's realism? Oh em gee) but what fantasy is being portrayed? The black rape fantasy? The aggressive black person versus the submissive white woman? The car repair shop fantasy where all the staff members are black? Hmm.

Above: Ajak Deng, Givenchy Fall 2010

Sadly it does come off as racist. I say sadly because it's beautifully shot and styled. I would've liked for all of the models to have been black (am I being racist?) because you know as well as I do that black models (and Chinese, Indian etc) don't get enough coverage in the fashion industry.
Or if all the models were a hundred types of ethnicities like a Benetton campaign, that would've been cool.

More ethnic diversity!!!!

Get Inspired

“Babe Paley had only one fault. She was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.”-Truman Capote

Babe Paley

Hot Messes At The Met Ball

The Met annual ball (which is really just an excuse for Anna Wintour to get a new Chanel outfit and a facelift (srsly, bitch looks younger than me!) was a bubbling pot of tulle, silk, lace and fucking horrible judgement.

It wasn't all bad but fuck me sideways most of it was. So here's my list of fuck-ups, let-downs, bores and a few that were cool.


Amber Valletta in RM By Roland Mouret. Simple and elegant. Fantastic colour

Above: Zoe Saldana and Diane Kruger in Kalvin Klein. I love the long sleeves. And who the fuck wears white and pulls it off?

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte for Gap.

Above: Mila Kunis. I just like Mila Kunis

I Hate to say it but J-lo looks really pretty. Like a cholita fairy princess

Lily Donaldson above. Not sure what she's wearing but it's got long sleeves and I love it.
UPDATE: zomg! It's Jessica Stam, not Lily Donaldson!!! Thanks AddictedtoYSL for spotting that pps y'all need to read her blog, she buys fabulous shoes. Click HERE bitches

Above: Carolina Herrerra looking old school chic. White opera gloves? Amaze

Above: Demi Moore. I just like Demi Moore. Nicole Kidman should take notes from her on successful plastic surgery. No scary third lips sprouting from this woman.

Above: Chloe Sevigny in Proenza Schouler. Cute dress, difficult colour. Sexy shoes.

Above: Chanel Iman in a Michael Kors jumpsuit. She looks so sexy and chic and effortless. And below I don't know who this is but she looks amazing. After the ball I imagine she took a yacht to Africa to pick up some blood diamonds-or is that Naomi Campbell?

Below: Brit girl Alexa Chung in 3.1 Philip Lim. Cute. More girls need to dress like this.

THE BAD...dun dun

Above: SJP in Halston. Yeah you're some creative director for Halston, you've got a movie to shill, yadda yadda yadda yawn.

Above: This is a double whammy. Karolina Kurkova in Altuzarra. How did this look good on the runway? It's not terrible but those fucking shoes! Get a clue. And behind her we have what's her name..oh yeah, Rosario Dawson in.....I can't think, Giambattista Valli. The colour is nice but the black band right across the nipples is wrong.

Above: I think this is Joy Bryant in Marchesa. I just don't know about this one. It's kinda ugly but she looks so happy

Above: Nicholas Ghesquiere with muse Charlotte Gainsbourg in Balenciaga. If you've read my blog you'll know I want to have babies with Ghesquiere but this just isn't doing it for me.

Above: Love Emma Watson. Hate front splits. Thanks Burberry

Above: Tina Fey. This bitch just doesn't get a break. Why is it so badly fitted in the leg?
Below: Carey Mulligan in Miu Miu. This is so off the rack and Tribeca Film Festival.

THE UGLY...dun dun dun
Above: It's only fitting that I start THE UGLY with Anna Wintour. There really isn't anything beautiful about what she's wearing. She wore silver Chanel couture last year as well. The jacket length is very mother of the bride and the dress is very, I don't know, curtain showroom? Atleast it draws attention away from her newly minted face. What does she use, Pledge?

Above: Mick Jagger. It's enough seeing office bitches power walking to work in a dress suit and runners but this is so wrong. I think Scott Schumann just fainted. Above: Ivanka Trump. I saw an interview with her once and she's really smart so why would she wear such a fucking ugly dress?
Above: Margherita Missoni. The head bracelet junk alone did it for me

Above: Kristen Stewart in Chanel. I really hate this cunt and I think Karl Lagerfeld does too. Why else would he design her half a dress? And what's with the top half? Is that a chintz cushion cover? Look at that stupid face of hers. Ugh, she's so infuriating. I saw an interview with her and Dakota Fanning for The Runaways. She was all like, vague and hand running through her hair every minute, faux-disinterested cesspool of Hollywood cliche.

Above: Eva Longoria-Parker. Can you believe she's wearing Marchesa? Oh, you can.

Above: Coco Rocha in what I'm certain is Zac Posen. Too OTT. It's like an orca whale took a dump on her.

Above: Allegra Beck-Versace. Poor thing really needs help. Her right arm is frightening. My dream would be to take her to KFC. We'd both get the extreme burger meal and I'd be like see Allegra, it's ok to eat. Then she'd be like, look I have a disease and this isn't helping. And who are you anyway?