Style Dossier: Julianne Moore

There's just something about Julianne Moore that's earned her a legion of fans-mostly gay fans for some reason. Maybe it was 2002's Far From Heaven. For me it's a tie between Boogie Nights and Magnolia. The 49 year old actress has been a face for Revlon since 2002 and you've no doubt seen her more recently in ads for Bulgari.
Her personal style is almost always chic, refined and never over the top. It may be a tad cliche wearing green because you have red hair but I don't care, Moore pulls it off. She seems to be a muse to Tom Ford (he cast her in his debut film and dressed her for the premiere) and possibly Stefano Pilati judging by the number of YSL outfits she's worn. Another favourite of Moore's is Lanvin but who isn't a fan of Alber Elbaz?
Normally for Style Dossier I try to get at least one hideous outfit choice but I couldn't find one. Any suggestions?

Above: This was the worst look I could find


Jason Lingard said...

OMG totes love her

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