Martone-Jacobs Split?

Power bottom, I mean, power couple Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs have allegedly split. Apparently Martone has moved out of their Chelsea apartment in favour of somewhere less faggy.
They've only been married for four months and both reps have declined to comment.
That's a shame. They looked like they really deserved each other.

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Fuckery

Bobby Trendy. I love the dude in the background wearing the sweatshirt and 501's. He's all some people have no idea about fashion

Alexander McQueen Fall 09

Ungaro Owner Scouting For New Designer

Above: I love Google.

Emanuel Ungaro ditched artistic adviser Lindsay Lohan after a well predicted disastrous first collection last October but now it would seem they're scouting for a new head designer. Since the founder retired in 2004 there's been countless designers hired and fired.

The owner-Asim Abdullah and his management team were spotted having lunch on Friday with English designer Giles Deacon at Le Relais Plaza on the Avenue Montaigne.

Ungaro has declined comment and Deacon could not be reached for comment (not by me, by WWD-duh).

I only feel bad for Estrella Archs, the current head designer because it must have been unbearable to work with with that mangy trail of cat sick Lohan. I mean, the bitch put pasties on the runway. However, Archs has had one season under her belt without the input of Lohan and it was still kinda shit. It lacked energy, vibrancy and French sex.

Abdullah has said his goal is to make the loss-making firm “sustainable” by 2011. Honestly, as much as I love Giles I just don't think he'll do anything for the brand. They need hype, not British quirk. Can you imagine if Alexander Wang or Proenza Schouler were hired? They might be totes wrong for the brand but they'd have editors clamoring. [WWD]

So I went to a strip club in LA and the strippers wore pasties and I was like that's so hot. So um yeah, that was my inspiration. You got any blow?-Lindsay Lohan

Tulle Covered Pailettes

Stella McCartney showed a very sensible side for fall. If you've followed her work since Chloe then you'll realise her work has matured and grown as she has, what with getting hitched and having kids. Remember the Brixton t-shirts she did for her debut show? Yeah, those days are gone but she still manages to work in her favourite looks.

Not a collection goes by when she doesn't do at least one of the following: the oversized chunky sweater/cardigan, a sports coat, a slim slack and a pointy shoe.

One of my favourite looks was a slim slack in grey wool matched with a grey jumper. It was smart and very simple.

There were pailette dresses covered with a layer of floaty tulle that made for a chic and understated impression.It was like muted glamour.

Above: I think this is a really neat detail. You've got this camel and black striped top that then continues onto the pants with a camel waistband. Subtle surrealism.

Accessory Slut

I'm not normally a fan of LV, especially if it's monogrammed but I make an exception for this bag. I mean just look at how ridiculously cute it is. And the colours! Old lady lavender rinse diamond with a mint border. Get out of my head Marc Jacobs. Oh but it gets better/worse. I know, lets attach a giant tassle on the bottom and then stick on a big ummm doo-dad! Yes, a phone cord snake skin doo-dad. Fucking blow me. I hate that I love this so much.

No Kate Moss Exhibition. Weep

"Are you fucking kidding me?"-Kate Moss' presumed reaction

In 2008 the Musée des Arts Decoratifs announced they would host an exhibition dedicated to Kate Moss. The exhibit was delayed last year after the museum had trouble securing funding. "Given the economic situation.", the museum has decided to cancel the exhibit. Moss is a legend, one of the most photographed women in the world and she deserves a retrospective but maybe it's too soon. She still pulls major ad campaigns and editorials suggesting the old girl's still got steam so maybe a retrospective should be shown when Moss is 50 or 60 or even 70. I can just imagine her at 70 in a Chanel wheelchair with a Prada respirator and a YSL colostomy bag. Geriatric chic.

[Elle UK]

Jamie Bochert + Lanvin

Love Jamie Bochert. There's something so unsexy about her that really draws you in. Those eyes, the hair. She's like the anti Lara Stone.

Style Dossier: Julianne Moore

There's just something about Julianne Moore that's earned her a legion of fans-mostly gay fans for some reason. Maybe it was 2002's Far From Heaven. For me it's a tie between Boogie Nights and Magnolia. The 49 year old actress has been a face for Revlon since 2002 and you've no doubt seen her more recently in ads for Bulgari.
Her personal style is almost always chic, refined and never over the top. It may be a tad cliche wearing green because you have red hair but I don't care, Moore pulls it off. She seems to be a muse to Tom Ford (he cast her in his debut film and dressed her for the premiere) and possibly Stefano Pilati judging by the number of YSL outfits she's worn. Another favourite of Moore's is Lanvin but who isn't a fan of Alber Elbaz?
Normally for Style Dossier I try to get at least one hideous outfit choice but I couldn't find one. Any suggestions?

Above: This was the worst look I could find

Rapist Chic

Sometimes online stores really need to lift their game and double-check everything is spelled correctly otherwise you end up selling leather rape jackets like Oddly enough it's sold out.

Fuck This, I'll DIY

Balmain t-shirt, £938 or USD$1426 or AUD$1551
Balmain can blow me. I'm gonna go to the army surplus store then get a bic razor. Total cost $5