Viktor & Rolf's Balancing Act

Above: How did a dress turn into the coat below? Cray²

To be truly appreciated, you needed to be at the Viktor & Rolf show. I like so many others was not fortunate enough to be invited to such an illustrious event so it was with much confusion that I viewed thir collection in image form. At first I had no idea what was going on with V&R on stage until I went to their charming website and viewed a video of the show.

Kristen Mcmenamy precariously wobbled out to the centre of the stage followed by V&R.

A near-naked model then came out and stood opposite Mcmenamy while V&R removed a layer of clothing from Mcmenamy. They zipped, pulled, ruffed and adjusted what was essentially a pup tent into a jaunty, belted fur coat. This was probably my favourite look from the whole collection.

So this undressing and redressing continued until Mcmenamy was nearly naked until fully dressed models came out and V&R undressed them and put the clothes back on to Mcmenamy, reversing the whole thing. It sounds confusing and you need to watch the video because it’s not as confusing as I make it out to be. Unfortunately most of the clothes were a little uninspired and I think V&R have struggled for many seasons now with the demand to create something that’s commercially viable and to follow their surrealist hearts. It’s sad but the work they were doing 10 years ago was far more interesting than what we see now but unfortunately art and hype doesn’t always keep a business running, just ask Miguel Androver.

Well done old chap!


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