The Mower review of Balmain

Is she serious? Could her nose be further up his ass?
Maybe that's what fashion wants right now. A refusal to accept reality and grab a hold of anything pompous, outrageous, sparkly.
A bold shoulder does not a signature make.
Fuck, it reads as though he went completely against convention and is giving women a whole new perspective on how to dress. No he fucking didn't. He did what he's been doing since he got there.
Yes, she gave him some barbs but they were minimal and didn't impact on the overall review.
Yes there's a trajectory right now of hot, souped up clothes (Altuzarra's Tom Ford Homage) thanks to Decarnin but it reeks of bullshit.
I'm done.

Oh hello. Don't you do one of these every season?

Oh, you do
And again
And again


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