Monastic at YSL

Stefano Pilati’s YSL show was interesting. A few critics found it too strict and lacking allure. I think you really had to look for the allure and the sensuality of the pieces because it was certainly there in the sheer sleeves on a top or the dippy hems of skirts that drew attention to the legs and added interest to what would otherwise be just another pencil skirt.

YSL under Pilati’s direction has for several seasons now focussed on daywear and really, how much sensuality do you want to ooze when attending an important business meeting?

I do agree that after 30-odd looks the collection as a whole was stand-offish and cold but on their own they look chic and powerful. I also loved the 70’s new York working girl silhouette with a skirt that hit below the knee. It was strangely refreshing.


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