Arresting, beautiful, weird. That’s something to always bear in mind, the Rodarte girl is weird. Cool weird.

What at first appeared pretty and light changed upon closer inspection to something slightly more sinister.

The models looked like the walking dead, ghosts from the mid-70’s endlessly wandering the earth. They looked like something very terrible had happened to them, what that was I don’t know.

The colours were gorgeous. Sand, cream, caramel and dried blood cascaded from the shoulders down to the torso and made way for-wait for it-pants.

If the Mulleavy sisters have done pants in the past, I apologise because I’m certain this is the first time I’ve seen so many pairs on their runway. These were more a cocktail pant and were done in embroidered silk. I dunno, just trying to describe what I see is such a challenge.

They have such a passion and love for what they do and they’re not just making clothes like so many others in New York did this season. This type of work becomes more than fashion and more than clothes.


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