Repetitive at Christopher Kane

Fall 2010 was highly repetitive and was a series of variations on the same outfit: a neat-fitting dress. This dress came with long sleeves, short sleeves and no sleeves. It came with a two piece collar, a two piece collar with placket or no collar at all. It was the same dress with the same fit.

These were done in either black leather, patent leather and black lace or a combination of all three. It was all quite boring really. Beautiful but tedious. Usually florals soften a look but in Kane’s case they didn’t. Embroidered sprays of flowers appeared on various parts of the clothes such as collars, cuffs and breasts.

I’m not sure if he was short on ideas or just metering them out to make a bold statement.

Though it was cool it just didn’t grab me like his other collections such as spring 09. It wasn’t as disappointing as spring 2010 but it was pretty close.


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