And I'm just not enthused. The shock of Alexander McQueen's death has occupied my thoughts today.

So far I've looked at Toni Maticevski, BCBG and Richard Chai Love.

Maticevski showed some beautiful flowing printed silk dresses but fell flat with some bronze silk tops and more bronze silk hanging limp off black skirts. It really wasn't worth looking at.
Above & Below: Toni Maticevski. Srsly dude, what the fuck? Madonna called, she doesn't wasnt her mid-90's hair extensions back.
Above: YES!!! Maticevski. This is what he does best. He needs to stop with the avant bullshit because he cannot do it.

BCBG showed a strong collection of wearable, very New York clothes. Tops and dresses were layered and colour blocked. The silhouette was fantastic with slightly wide cut shoulders and dipping hemlines made for a rectangular shape.

Below: BCBG Max Azria

Richard Chai Love is a diffusion line of Richard Chai. For such a young designer who's still finding his voice I find it odd that he's spreading himself thin by branching out with another collection. For some, fashion is all about the bottom line and a lower priced diffusion collection will tend to that; but if you're main line isn't strongly identifiable and coveted then why would your secondary line?
The collection was over-styled which I'm sure was intentional in a 'hey, see these cool looks you can throw together' kind of way but take them apart, put them on a rack and what are you left with? Uninspired, dull clothes.

Above & Below: Richard Chai Love. No. Absolutely not falling for this supposed New York faux flea market jumble downtown cool


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