Lumpy Bumpy Curvy Prada

The high/low dichotomy of bourgeois/common that’s an ongoing theme to Prada’s work was ever present for fall. Beautiful printed silk skirts later reappeared in what looked like vinyl or patent leather only less shiny. My first thoughts when seeing this fabric was hooker so there’s that cheapness and playful contrast Prada is so fond of.

Prada appeared to be thinking about women and body shape, perhaps brought on by the recent commentary of the weight issue which was interesting. Firstly with the use of very unflattering cable knit sweaters and dresses. This was done for the socks too, adding bulk onto otherwise spindly Bambi-legged models. They had a stripe of fluffy cable knit down the front like whipped cream. Jackets were A-line and cut at the hip, widening the torso and double collars in fur and more cable knit added weight and sort of presented the model’s heads on a plate.

The casting of some ‘curvy’ models was rather silly really. I can imagine Mrs Prada tittering with her husband over how risqué it was to have a few Victoria’s Secret models dressed as ‘ladies’ in a slightly twisted Eliza Doolittle way. Afterall, they are the Barbies of the modelling industry.

To me this was more a reflection on how uptight she is. If she really wanted to shock then why not cast some playboy bunnies like Betsey Johnson did a few years ago? Doutzen Kroes and Lara Stone looked positively dumpy which is no small feat. But it wasn’t all a string of designer fat suits, there were some prim and trim 50’s dresses, neatly belted at the waist which put further contrast on the more experimental pieces in the show.

Maybe this was Mrs Prada’s way of showing the power of fashion and what it can do. A slight tweak here, a bulbous knit there et voilà!


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