Jonathan Saunders Fall 2010

A very cool collection from Jonathan Saunders. I think I’ve said this before but it’s worth mentioning again what a great colourist Saunders is. He has a fondness for grey and always puts it to good use contrasting it against a bold red or a rosy pink. There were also shards of black and silver pieced into overized tops that elongated the silhouette.

Skirt lenghts were dropped and a-line, something that’s been seen at a few other collections.

What surprised me most was the great daywear he did. Even though he shows in London it looked like something you’d see at Marni or Sportmax. There were some great jackets in the opening and some billowy paperbag waist skirts with punched holes creating a pattern.

Some of his prints need a bit of work. There was one with red and cream dots but it looked like something you’d see on a throw pillow or a shower curtain at Ikea.


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