Alexander Wang Fall 2010 Review

My first thoughts of this colection weren't good. I didn't know what to write so I left it for a day, mulled over it and took another look tonight. I still don't like it. The prblem is I struggled to find pieces or looks that leapt off the screen and you shouldn't always have to do that. The collection prominently featured a 90's office-wear theme with poorly reconstructed and re-worked charcoal pinstriped pants and jackets. It was somewhere between Clueless and Delia Deetz, the highly-strung mother from Beetlejuice.
Above: Delia Deetz. When I google-imaged this hot slut I came across a fascinating article about the costumes from Beetlejuice. All of Catherine O'Hara's outfits were off the rack Issey Miyake, Comme Des Garcons & Mitsuhiro Matsuda. Srsly, click here for the article, it's really good.
There were cute, if not dull black shorts paired with criss-cross tops which we saw at Prada for spring. You can hardly accuse him of stealing but it's unfortunate that such a prominent look was featured on someone else's runway so recently.
Above: Prada Spring 10, hay gurl haaay

The collection then moved through to somesubtle goth touches of bloody velvet tops and black lace shirts. Funnily he used chenille for leggings and tops. Though this isn't his best work I still like that he has a sense of humour to his work, something not seen since Marc Jacobs.


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