I’ve been waaaay bad over the last few weeks. I’ve been on a bit of a literary bender when I should be saving for my holiday to Japan (fuck yeah Puroland, check yo’self)

I got the January issues of Vogue AU, Russh, Harper’s AU, SuperSuper #18, Fantastic Man number ten, September Vogue Italia and quite possibly a couple of Grazia’s here n there, ya know, just for good measure.

Oh and November French Vogue and a few books from Amazon. OK, book slut I am.

Huge crazy postal tags from the U S of A
Weird sack. Possibly held rice at some stage
Hey it's crushed! But still smilingAbove: They need no introduction. Below: Queen of Fashion, it's about all the clothes Marie Antoinette wore in her life. Bringing Home The Birkin, I'm nearly done with this book, it's quite addictive and I have so many thoughts on this book.
Above: My haul
Above and below: Fantastic Man and a sampler of Fantastic Woman
Below: AU Vogue with some guerilla gardening shoot. Why can't I prune leaves in a Celine skirt?

Super Super
Below: Russh
So ridiculous but I wanna go op-shopping (that's thrifting to my US readers) for a wetsuit and a weave
Below: So deliciously 90's. Very Bjork/No Doubt. Get some zulu knots girl
Below: I made juice so I could get some vitamins. It tasted as ugly as it looks so I just bought some V8 instead.


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