Ugh, so I went to a magazine launch last night for XANDY. I have a chest infection and was like bitch you better not get drunk coz that won't help.
So I biked there in fucking 30 degree weather (for those not in the Southern hemisphere that's like 86 degrees and it's only Spring). I arrived after nearly passing out on my bike and was covered in sweat. Not sexy.
There was free booze everywhere!!!! I met some friends, went to the bar and got a lemonade. I was good. Anyhoo, I was gonna take some pictures and post them but I only took like 3 photos and one of them was of a cocktail. Everyone there was just so Toorak Du Jour it made me wanna vomit. For those of you not in Melbourne, Toorak is kinda like the LA of Melbourne. Everyone that lives there thinks they're a class act. They also had a streetstyle photog there at the entrance taking photos. As I made my way in the photographer and the host both turned to check me out then went back to their fabulous selves. Burn.

The magazine itself is only online, no print. It's very bare bones at the moment and I think there's limited appeal, even for their target market which would appear to be girls aged between 12-20. If you wanna have a looksie then clicketyclick


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