It's pop-up shop craziness right now. I feel like consumers are being drowned in this crap. The first pop-up I ever heard about was in 2004. It was a Comme Des Garcons 'guerrilla' store, the idea being that they only last for one year and are in less fashionable parts of a city.
So now it's pop-up overload. Prada and Gucci both have them and it's like, fuck off, srsly. As if they don't have enough marketing reach with magazines, billboards and actual stores they go and open mini stores.
Granted the Gucci pop-up is selling sneakers that are unavailable in their normal stores but it's such a tired marketing scheme and they're so late to the game.
I think there should be different types of pop-up stores. How about a Sexual health pop-up clinic or a needle dispensary pop up on 5th Avenue?
Prada store
Gucci store


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