At first I was all excited about a post on ten years of shoes until I had to start searching for images and then I was like FUCK. There's been soooo many amazing shoes in the last ten years that I will no doubt leave a slew out by accident.
So here it is, a mix of pretty, ugly, sexy, frumpy shoes!!!

YSL, Fall 2005

YSL, Fall 2001

Melissa Shoes

Prada, Fall 2001. Pointy hideousness

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

Oh fuck, those J-Lo Timberland stripper hybrids

Gladiators. People still wear them.

Chloe, Fall 2005

Dior, Spring 2004

In the early 2000's Diesel shoes were hot. Now? Fuck, I can't even believe I'm blogging this shit you guys

The early 2000's seemed to be all about the modified shoe. In this case it was the Converse Chuck Taylor. Marc Jacobs did a version but I couldn't find a picture.

A 90's grunge hangover, Chucks were de riguer for many young people and went perfectly with Tsubi jeans. Squirm. Obv people still wear them now but they used to be a fashion statement.

Calvin Klein Collection, Spring 2004. Pointy, pointy

Crocs. I bet Brooke Shields still has this same pair. She's all cozied up on the couch in her diamante trimmed Snuggie watching re-runs of Suddenly Susan.

Balenciaga, Spring 2007


Balmain, sparkly sandal whatever.

Balenciaga Fall 2007

Balenciaga Fall 2006, I can't help myself. Pierre Hardy does amazing shoes amirite?


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