The last ten years saw the rise and fall of the it-bag and towards the end of the decade things went south and now it seems to be all about the it-shoe (though maybe that's just magazine hype).
Here are just some of the bags that had waiting lists a mile long.

The Paddington by Chloe. Released in 2005. Known for it's squishy leather, imposing padlock and hefty weight.

The Baguette by Fendi. Actually released in 1997 but so popular through the early 2000's thanks to Carrie Bradshaw that I just had to include it. Apparently there's over 1000 designs and once a design runs out, that's it, no more.

The Saddle by Dior. Yet another Bradshaw fave, this bag was also released in the late 90's (1997?) and endured the early 2000's thanks to the styling of Patricia Field.

The Motorcycle by Balenciaga. Released in 2001 and now comes in many variations and colours.

The Bayswater by Mulberry. A workhorse of a bag, some even say it's the Birkin's poor British cousin but the Bayswater stands alone on it's own merits as a great carry-all rough n tumble bag.

The Novak by Alexander McQueen. Named after-duh-Kim Novak this bag was released in 2005 (I think, I'm a bit sketchy on this one).

Louis Vuitton collaborations. Well I couldn't do a ten year round-up without LV. They collaborated with Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince and Julie Verhoeven just to name a few. The Sprouse & Murakami collabs were hugely successful and widely copied.

The Indy by Gucci. I'm not sure if this was a cult bag or if it was just so overly advertised that it felt that way. Released in 2007 the Indy was inspired by the steering wheels of vintage sports cars and Gucci’s own Hobo bag from the 1950s.

The Muse by Yves Saint Laurent

Obv you guys, comment if you think I left out any important bags or cool details. I'm by no means well versed in bags


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