So by now you've all seen Gaga's AMAZING new video Bad Romance. Once I calmed the fuck down and got my heart rate back to normal I looked at the video more closely and was weirded out by all the product placement. I did a clip by clip thing below with deets on the goods...

Carrera sunglasses, these are around $140ish USD but thats ball-park. So not Gaga.
Is this a Wii remote? wtf. The sex pig dungeon body harness makes a nice juxtaposition y'all
Nemiroff Vodka. NEVER heard of it

OK this one is weird. The laptops are by fuck knows who but the B logo? That's Beats by Dr Dre, a headphone brand, the same one doing Gaga's Heartbeats.

Heartbeats by Gaga headphones, $120 USD

YAY McQueen heels from Spring 2010. Price? Just ur 1st born

Last but not least Parrot by Starck, a wireless speaker set, $1500
So um yeah you guys....go shopping!!!!


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