Burberry Pre-fall 2010

Oh shit, pre-fall collections are starting to pop up online. It's hard to look at these clothes when it's Spring, I mean fuck, I'm wearing boxer shorts and a t-shirt right now and have my fan on.
The Burberry collection is up on WWD, I suggest you take a look. There's some seriously chic coats and the best pair of trousers I've seen in a long time, cut neatly above the ankle.


This is the Galaxy dress. Not the ubiquitous Roland Mouret, no, this Galaxy is by Cutecircuit. The dress has a 40-layer pleated silk chiffon crinoline and has four layers on top to diffuse the 24,000 full-color LEDs. Each of the flat, extra-thin LEDs measure 2×2 millimetres. The circuitry, so fine, was hand-embroidered on a layer of silk to retain the fluidity of fabric.
It's quite dazzling but I think Hussein Chalayan did a more interesting version for Fall 2007.

Hussein Chalayan Fall 2007

Video of Galaxy Dress


It's pop-up shop craziness right now. I feel like consumers are being drowned in this crap. The first pop-up I ever heard about was in 2004. It was a Comme Des Garcons 'guerrilla' store, the idea being that they only last for one year and are in less fashionable parts of a city.
So now it's pop-up overload. Prada and Gucci both have them and it's like, fuck off, srsly. As if they don't have enough marketing reach with magazines, billboards and actual stores they go and open mini stores.
Granted the Gucci pop-up is selling sneakers that are unavailable in their normal stores but it's such a tired marketing scheme and they're so late to the game.
I think there should be different types of pop-up stores. How about a Sexual health pop-up clinic or a needle dispensary pop up on 5th Avenue?
Prada store
Gucci store


At first I was all excited about a post on ten years of shoes until I had to start searching for images and then I was like FUCK. There's been soooo many amazing shoes in the last ten years that I will no doubt leave a slew out by accident.
So here it is, a mix of pretty, ugly, sexy, frumpy shoes!!!

YSL, Fall 2005

YSL, Fall 2001

Melissa Shoes

Prada, Fall 2001. Pointy hideousness

Marc Jacobs Spring 2008

Oh fuck, those J-Lo Timberland stripper hybrids

Gladiators. People still wear them.

Chloe, Fall 2005

Dior, Spring 2004

In the early 2000's Diesel shoes were hot. Now? Fuck, I can't even believe I'm blogging this shit you guys

The early 2000's seemed to be all about the modified shoe. In this case it was the Converse Chuck Taylor. Marc Jacobs did a version but I couldn't find a picture.

A 90's grunge hangover, Chucks were de riguer for many young people and went perfectly with Tsubi jeans. Squirm. Obv people still wear them now but they used to be a fashion statement.

Calvin Klein Collection, Spring 2004. Pointy, pointy

Crocs. I bet Brooke Shields still has this same pair. She's all cozied up on the couch in her diamante trimmed Snuggie watching re-runs of Suddenly Susan.

Balenciaga, Spring 2007


Balmain, sparkly sandal whatever.

Balenciaga Fall 2007

Balenciaga Fall 2006, I can't help myself. Pierre Hardy does amazing shoes amirite?


Daul Kim has passed away. An alleged suicide, Miss Kim was only 20 years old.


The last ten years saw the rise and fall of the it-bag and towards the end of the decade things went south and now it seems to be all about the it-shoe (though maybe that's just magazine hype).
Here are just some of the bags that had waiting lists a mile long.

The Paddington by Chloe. Released in 2005. Known for it's squishy leather, imposing padlock and hefty weight.

The Baguette by Fendi. Actually released in 1997 but so popular through the early 2000's thanks to Carrie Bradshaw that I just had to include it. Apparently there's over 1000 designs and once a design runs out, that's it, no more.

The Saddle by Dior. Yet another Bradshaw fave, this bag was also released in the late 90's (1997?) and endured the early 2000's thanks to the styling of Patricia Field.

The Motorcycle by Balenciaga. Released in 2001 and now comes in many variations and colours.

The Bayswater by Mulberry. A workhorse of a bag, some even say it's the Birkin's poor British cousin but the Bayswater stands alone on it's own merits as a great carry-all rough n tumble bag.

The Novak by Alexander McQueen. Named after-duh-Kim Novak this bag was released in 2005 (I think, I'm a bit sketchy on this one).

Louis Vuitton collaborations. Well I couldn't do a ten year round-up without LV. They collaborated with Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince and Julie Verhoeven just to name a few. The Sprouse & Murakami collabs were hugely successful and widely copied.

The Indy by Gucci. I'm not sure if this was a cult bag or if it was just so overly advertised that it felt that way. Released in 2007 the Indy was inspired by the steering wheels of vintage sports cars and Gucci’s own Hobo bag from the 1950s.

The Muse by Yves Saint Laurent

Obv you guys, comment if you think I left out any important bags or cool details. I'm by no means well versed in bags


I'm a beast for Common Projects shoes and just ordered a new pair!!!! It's the desert boot in off white. Can't wait for them to arrive as my old CP's are getting a bit tainted with foot grossness. The shoelaces are wearing down, one actually snapped and the stitching is coming away on the edge where your toes bend. Does that make sense? I'm kinda making them sound like a pile of shit brand but they're so well made and super comf.

More importantly, I ordered them from Revolve Clothing. They ship free world-wide with orders over USD$100. At first I was like freelz? No way! But it's true. So for people like me, in the Southern hemisphere this is a big fucking deal. Not only is the exhange rate nearly dollar for dollar but the shipping is free!!!! UH-MAZINGNESS. My last pair I got in Oz so I paid like $400 odd dollars but these were half off.

Anyway if you want some good deals and free shipping then clickety clack


''What bamboo is to Gucci, horn is now to Saint Laurent.''- Tom Ford. That was Ford back in 2002 referring to the deer horn handle of the much coveted Mombasa bag. For the next few seasons this was the must have bag. Even though Ford is long gone, the bag is still in production which goes to show the bag's longevity.


Continuing my noughties decade recap I now bring you most of the last ten years of YSL ad campaigns. From Tom Fords commercially successful and typically sexy shoots through to Stefano Pilati's demure angle that is more in sync with the YSL spirit.

Above: Kim Peers models Ford's Spring 2001 debut. I always wanted that cigarette holder.

Above & below: Fall 2001, a hugely influential collection inspired by YSL's original 1976 gypsy collection but done mostly in black. The tooled leather belt, shoes, ruffled top and fringed scarf were all widely copied, re-booting boho chic and somehow managing to get Sienna Miller it-girl status. I also recall Mariah Carey squeezing into the top above. Some things are best left for the models Mimi. You stick to ur tracksuits now.

Below: Spring 2002. I could be wrong but I'm sure this collection spawned the Mombasa bag. Correct me if I'm wrong, I can't be fucked Googling it right now.

Above & below: Fall 2003, one of my favourite Ford collections and ad campaigns

Below: Spring 2004, the female dandy

Below: Spring 2003, Christy Turlington

Below: Fall 2004, Ford's final collection for YSL. The ads featured the stunning Gemma Ward. The collection was influenced by YSL's 1977 Chinese collection and featured the pagoda shoulder. Bye bye Ford.

Below: Karen Elson gets all hot n bothered over Stefano Pilati's debut for YSL, Spring 2005. As do editors and me. Though the collection didn't get rave reviews it did spawn the trend for tulip shaped dresses, skirts and coats.

Below: The muse bag, I'm not sure what year this is.

Below: Fall 2005, featuring Daria Werbowy. This collection-ahem-kicked off the trend for platform shoes which have been a fashion staple ever since and if Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 show is anything to go by, well the trend still has legs (I'm sorry I had to).

Below: Gisele shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Chill honey, it's YSL
Below: Naomi Campbell in haremesque pants

Below: Kate Moss shows the world a little coke habit will get you a long way. After being filmed doing coke Kate was immediately dumped by Chanel & Burberry and quickly picked up by a slew of companies. I'm pretty sure I have a Vogue from this year where she was on like the first 20 pages, it was ridic.
Finally, Christy Turlington pops up again, this time for Fall 09