Yet another Paris collection that opened with an all-white look. At YSL it was a trouser suit with a belted peasant jacket. It may have felt right for Stefano Pilati to do the classic YSL peasant look but it felt a bit obvious and a little tired considering it was such a lauded collection when YSL did it in 1976 and again by Tom Ford in Fall 2001. Colours ranged from the aforementioned white, black, grey, blue, red, tan and the most bizarre use of printed strawberries on a dress. If it was a YSL reference then it was obscure.
The collection felt very disjointed and looked like he was referencing his earlier work, particularly the colours from his debut Spring collection in 2004. A loose-fitting white top paired with a raspberry skirt looked more Marni than Laurent.
As a runway show it didn’t impress which hopefully doesn’t spell trouble considering YSL hadn't turned a profit until 2008. As stand-alone looks and pieces in a store they’ll have great appeal, such as the high-waisted leather skirt and the strappy shoes.

YSL Fall 1976

YSL Fall 2001


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