I always find the relationship between Donatella Versace and Christopher Kane quite odd. On the surface she seems so uber-freak and he so geeky Scottish dude that I can’t connect the dots. For Kane’s debut collection back in Spring 2007, Versace donated shoes for the show. She’s now found solid faith in his work that he now designs Versus, which was Donatella’s baby back in the days when Gianni Versace was still alive.
I think it’s great that Versus is back and Kane did a nice collection of short, sexy dresses with cut-outs and those ubiquitous safety pins that launched the career of Elizabeth Hurley all those years ago. The most interesting feature was a sleeve that had the top layer cut out only leaving the underside still intact. It was quite a dressmaking feat, even Kane had to admit he couldn’t have made something like that in London. This is definitely the beginning of something special.


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