Jacobs pandered to his Japanese fans for Spring at Louis Vuitton. Actually, he pandered to anyone who loves their look to be kawaii. It was a Hippie trance 90’s girl tramping to a rave with some beautiful little bags jangling with doo-dads and fur tails. I liked the garment panels broken up into sections and highlighted with contrasting fabric, particularly a pleated skirt and a jacket. The bike shorts looked fun and Jacobs had done this for his signature line as well as the bum-bag too. I guess it doesn’t hurt to cover your trend bases at both houses.
The fur moccasins were not chic nor flattering. It looked like the models had stomped a poodle to death with the remains left stuck between their toes. Ghastly. The tweedy looking jackets with green military pockets felt like some attempt to be conceptual rather than chic. I dunno, sometimes there’s something so self-conscious and art-world approval seeking about his work that it reeks of insecurity. Is he trying to keep up with such friends as Elizabeth Peyton and Sophia Coppola? I don’t know.


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