A month of fashion is finally over. My eyes feel like they've been skull-fucked by the amount of shows I've looked at and I still have about 35 shows to review. And that's not all of them, I skipped the ones that aren't worth looking at, ya know, like Iceberg.
So very quickly a few things that are buzzing in my head...

Louis Vuitton- Marc Jacobs will NOT make the clog fashionable. And what was with those other fucking shoes? They looked like slip-on Sketchers or some Nike low-impact jogging shoe.

Cacharel- Goodbye Eley Kishimoto, hello Cedric Charlier, formerly of Lanvin.

John Galliano- Something is definitely up at Dior because his signature line was amazing.

Alexander McQueen- Apparently the live-stream didn't go too well. PR coup? His resort collection was better.

Miu Miu- Cat prints possibly make up for the disappointing Prada show.

Valentino- That design duo (can't remember their names, Chiurro or some shit?) look like they're getting the hang of things.

RM by Roland Mouret- Nice textural elements

Misc.- Did Lara Stone only walk at Chanel? I'm in LOVE with Iris Strubegger and those cheek bones.

Perez Hilton front row at Marc Jacobs. That fuck-stick of a cunt needs to go back to LA and choke on a Big Mac.

Um, yeah that's about it for now. Oh and Rest in peace Irving Penn, one of the greatest fashion photographers.

Balenciaga dress, 1950



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