The Emanuel Ungaro spring collection designed by Estrella Archs and Lindsay Lohan as 'artistic adviser' was according to the press; embarrassing as a streaky orange fake tan, questionable, old-fashioned, tasteless, lacked finesse and my personal favourite, a train wreck. ButCEO Mounir Moufarrige got exactly what he wanted: press coverage.
The collection was hastily put together in just three weeks and it showed. Dresses were very simple and appeared poorly constructed. I feel sorry for Archs because she actually designs her own signature line which is very beautiful. Take a look here. It's interesting to see this particular collaboration get so much criticism where as others have merely slipped under the radar. Louis Vuitton invited Kanye West to design a range of shoes and no one batted an eyelid (except for me).
I think this type of collaboration is hilarious and a good antidote to serious fashion. It won't last either, it's not as though Lohan will be rubbing shoulders with Wintour, Jacobs, Elbaz et al, right?


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