When did Dior become so boring? The customer that they had ten years ago has changed in their opinion. The Dior girl is now apparently a very well-to-do woman who perhaps hosts benefit lunches instead of going to a rave.
The show opened with a shiny leather trenchcoat. Dull, boring, could’ve come from any runway. What followed was a look that Galliano has been trotting out for a few years now. He probably calls it refined and elegant but as I’ve already said, I find it dull and boring.
Galliano needs to stop touching on “house codes” as if that’s going to give credibility to his work. The famed Dior bar jacket is something he keeps doing season after season but we’ve seen it. We’ve seen the nipped waist, the exaggerated pockets and hips.
His work no longer looks modern. It’s as though he’s scared to do anything outrageous for fear of losing his job. His inspirations seemingly have to come from Dior and Dior only. No more tribal, no more hobo, Peking opera, Egyptian. Just Dior.


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